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  • 15 Mar 2016 12:48 AM | Kerry Heaps (Administrator)

    Today's brief post is about accountability in your Business.  To share a quick story, I have a steady stream of people who want to partner with me on various types of business ventures.  Unfortunately, a lot of times these are people that are looking to ride on my coattails or when it comes down to it, won't pull their weight.  Over the years, I have developed a system for weeding these people out without wasting my time.  I simply give them a task to complete, nothing complicated but something that they have to put effort into by a certain date, if they comply, I move forward.  If they don't, I move forward without them, its that simple. 

    This does two things for me, first I determine very quickly if I can depend on them or not, if they say they are going to do something and they don't do it, putting myself in the position of a partnership would be a disaster.  Second, it tells me that they didn't respect me or my time to begin with so I don't refer them to anyone for anything, even as a potential customer.   I value my tribe more than that.  I've compiled a few tips that I use to stay accountable:

    1.  Do what you say you will do, period.  In today's high tech world there is no hiding from responsibility.  If you screw up, take responsibility for it, apologize and do what you can to fix it and move forward.

    2.  Ditch the term "authenticity".  You need to be yourself, too many people are preaching and making a ton of money off the term "authentic" don't be one of them.  I find the ones that use this term are the biggest flakes. Be yourself, its easier to be accountable that way.

    3.  Realize no one is perfect.  Yes, people mess up and some deserve a second chance to make it right.  If this happens to you, give the other person another chance...once.  After that, its not their mistakes its yours. 

  • 22 Nov 2015 1:40 AM | Kerry Heaps (Administrator)



    Carry plenty of business cards with you at all times.

    If attending a function, turn off your cell phone.

    Hand out your cards to everyone and get theirs as well, make sure you make notes on the back.

    Be friendly talk with everyone, you never know who needs your service.

    Always take notes.

    Have your appointment book or palm pilot with you at all times.

    Tell everyone how nice it is to meet them, shake their hand firmly and look them directly in the eyes.

    Always Smile!


    • Arrive after the event starts, the sooner you arrive the more networking you can partake in.

    Come unprepared. By this we mean no business cards, no pen, etc.

    Don’t invite guests unless you have told them what is involved (i.e. lunch, fee a the door)

    Talk negatively about your competition, it only makes you look bad.

    Have a negative attitude, this will only ensure no one does business with you.

    Promise things you can’t deliver.

    Be rude, treat others how you would want to be treated.


    Kerry Heaps is the Author of "Marketing Ideas that make $en$e"
  • 13 Nov 2015 2:29 AM | Kerry Heaps (Administrator)

    Projecting a positive image & attitude will play a huge role in taking your business to the next level. When I speak of your image, I am not suggesting you wear expensive clothes & lots of jewelry to impress everyone you come in contact with but to project your confidence not only in yourself but in your business. There is a well known saying, “clothes make the man”, this includes women as well. No matter what our lifestyle we should all take pride in the image we are trying to project to the rest of the world. This would include good manners, our demeanor and the way we carry ourselves. Some individuals seem to be born to look regal. Their walk is distinctive as they stride with their head held high, shoulders back which makes them exude confidence. How we present ourselves to others is part of our image. When people see us walk into a room we are making an impression upon those who are watching. Our body language is projecting to them confident, insecure, happy, sad, etc.

    How do you want people to see you? 

    Are you sending out signals that you are untouchable? Not a good thing if you are in sales or if you are starting your own business. You want to project that you are a professional. So smile, have eye contact with those around you and project the image that you are the one who can help them. If someone has a bad experience with you, regardless of personal or professional environment, its unfortunate but bad news travels so much faster than good news. The golden rule works wonders, treat others as you would want to be treated. You never know who that new face in your office is, or who they may know. How you act and how you treat other people are part of your image.

    Our body language (our non-verbal gestures) says a lot about us. Invest in a full-length  mirror, they are relatively inexpensive. Stand on the other side of the room and walk towards it.  Do you walk with your head up or do you stare at your shoes? When I was a teenager, I walked with my head down all the time. I had low self-esteem. It wasn’t until I got into modeling classes that I learned to walk with confidence. Practice walking if you have to, I did.

     Are you smiling? When you smile it tells the world that you are approachable. When you are introduced to someone for the first time shake their hand firmly, make sure it’s not a timid shake and not too strong. Smile at them and look directly into their eyes and say “It’s so nice to meet you!” It never hurts to do a grooming check as well. How is your breath? I always carry mints on me just in case. I also carry dental floss, yes dental floss. I attend so many lunch meetings and always make a quick break to the ladies room to floss my pearly whites. Nothing says embarrassment like a huge piece of spinach right between your front teeth while making a presentation. Are you a gum fan? Unless you are under twenty, I suggest you drop the habit.  When you sit down to talk with someone, whether it is in an interview or meeting among colleague’s posture is important. Again, you don’t want to come across as timid or that you would rather not be in their presence.

    Remember they are reading your body language so watch your moves. Ladies should sit up straight, crossing the legs over at the ankles so they are resting on one another. Gentlemen should sit back, hands resting on the chair arms or on your legs.  Don’t fidget with your hands let them rest comfortably. You will appear nervous if you constantly fidget. If someone asks you a question or is making conversation in general, make sure you look them in the eye while you speak to them.

    Kerry Heaps is Owner of Omega Image, an image consulting firm specializing in Color Analysis for men and women.   Visit our site to get our top 10 tips for looking your best everyday.







  • 11 Mar 2015 8:36 AM | Kerry Heaps (Administrator)

    Having difficulty in your follow-up process?  These 5 tips will help you close more business! 

    1. What to count as follow-up.  First and foremost, don't assume sending an email or connecting with a prospect on social media counts as follow-up.  It can help in process to keep your name out there, but only count actual contact, meaning you spoke with them on the phone or met them again in person.
    2. Have a system.  It doesn't have to be fancy or high tech, a manual system like a notebook works great too.  Create a system that YOU feel comfortable with and keep detailed notes.  Keep track of dates, times, what transpired during the conversation, etc.  This will help you when you have to contact them again in the future. 
    3. Color Coding.  You can color code your leads, no matter what system you use.  I use Red for No interest, Green for appointment or sale made, Yellow I sent an email and Orange for an information request on their part or they reached out to me.  Again, use what is comfortable to you.
    4. Keep a calendar.  Those leads that are not interested, wait 6 months to a year and contact them again.  You'd be surprised how many of those contacts are no longer with the company and you can pitch their replacement.  Also, put notes on your calendar, if you tell someone you are going to contact them next Friday, do it. 
    5. Get rid of your FEAR.  Fear seems to hold people back in this process, thinking they are going to appear too eager, they don't want to bug anyone....all I can say is....get over it.  Its a part of sales that has to be done and keep in mind that it takes anywhere from 6-8 phone calls (sometimes more) to get a prospect on the phone for an initial conversation. 
    By:  Kerry Heaps, Founder, Strictly Marketing Magazine.  Want to get a FREE digital subscription to the magazine?  Sign up today to be a Premium Member of our online community!

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